How to Find and Replace Words in MS Word 2016

In MS Word when you are working with longer documents it will be very a laborious and very difficult activity to find a specific word. Luckily MS Word has got a Find feature which will let you find any specific word or phrase in a fraction of a second. You can also replace any word to any other word with the help of a Replace feature. (more…)

Formatting of Text in MS Word 2016

Formatting of a text is vital in drawing the attention of the people to some specific parts ina document. MS Word will let you format your text in various different ways like including fonts, its size and color etc. (more…)

Understanding The Basics of Cells in MS Excel

Cells are the basic building blocks of Excel sheets. It is a space where you will enter information or in other words content. In order to calculate, analyze and organize data you need to learn the basics of Cells and Cell Content. You can also define cell as an intersection of row and column or in simpler words where the rows and columns meet. (more…)

How to Apply New Themes in MS PowerPoint 2016

A theme in MS PowerPoint 2016 is a predefined combination of fonts, colors and effects and can be applied to your presentations. Themes give you quick as well as easy way to modify the design of your presentation. The slide layouts of different themes are different and you can select one of them according to your preferences. (more…)

How to Find The MAC Address in Windows 10

Every component, device or interface has got a unique hardware ID which is known as MAC (Media Access Control) address. This MAC address can be find easily for your network card in Windows 10 wit just few simple steps. MAC address which is also known as hardware address or physical address is necessary to be known in order to setup various hardware components. (more…)

How to Activate Parental Controls in Windows 10

If you have children at home you must be possessive about your kids that what are they doing and what are they watching on the Internet. With Parental controls will help keep your children safe whenever they use computer. You can easily restrict which programs they can run as well as which websites they can visit. (more…)

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